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Summoners War Best Farmable Monster

When we play summoners war game, we will need some monster that have good skill and useful to clear boss dungeon. I have more than 10 monster, that all got from drop or summon unknown scroll, usually this monster we call farmable monster.

My team to clear dragon b10, giant b10 and also toa 100 is all from farmable monster. This a lists best farmable monster in summoners war game:

  1. belladeon (inugami light)
  2. Ahman (light bearman)
  3. darion (light vagabond)
  4. Colleen (fire harpu)
  5. Konamiya (water garuda)
  6. Megan
  7. rmagos (wind warbear)
  8. raog (fire inugami)
  9. etc

That all monster is easy to get form map. You can obtain it and bring them in arena battle, guild war battle or farming rune in dungeon.